[SBS Star] DARA Boasts Her Friendship with Jung Sung-il that Began in Their YG Ent. Trainee Days - 종로노래방알바

[SBS Star] DARA Boasts Her Friendship with Jung Sung-il that Began in Their YG Ent. Trainee Days


K-pop artist DARA showed off her friendship with actor Jung Sung-il that started when they were both at YG Entertainment as trainees. 

On July 16, DARA updated her Instagram with a new post titled, ‘FESTIVAL with Jung Sung-il’. 

The post included a video of DARA and Jung Sung-il doing DARA’s newest solo release ‘FESTIVAL’ challenge together. 

Jung Sung-il appeared in the video in a sleek black suit and DARA in a lovely outfit that is perfect for her bright summer song ‘FESTIVAL’.

Being an actor, Jung Sung-il somewhat awkwardly danced to ‘FESTIVAL’ next to DARA, but he made no mistakes throughout the challenge; he totally nailed the dance. 

At the end of their dance, Jung Sung-il patted DARA’s head while DARA cutely leaned on his shoulder. 

Afterward, the two stars raised their thumbs up and made satisfactory smiles. 

Jung Sung-il and DARA

In the caption, DARA wrote, “I can’t believe Sung-il and I got to complete a challenge with my song. He’s always been like an older brother to me ever since we’ve known each other from trainee days. I’m so happy about doing this challenge with him that I’m crying right now!” 

She went on, “Guys, Sung-il is not ‘the nicest axxhole’, he is just a really nice guy! He’s truly the best!”, referencing the nickname of Jung Sung-il’s character ‘Ha Do-young’ in Netflix’s hit series ‘The Glory’: ‘the nicest axxhole’. 

Under this post, Jung Sung-il left a comment sharing his love for DARA too, saying, “My younger sister for the last 20 years.” 


Surprisingly, DARA and Jung Sung-il were trainees at YG Entertainment at the same time. 

At that time, DARA was a K-pop trainee and Jung Sung-il an acting trainee.

Following their debut, they featured in MBC’s 2009 drama ‘The Return of Iljimae’ alongside one another. 

Even though it has been years since DARA and Jung Sung-il trained with each other, their friendship still seems stronger than a rock. 

DARA was previously spotted watching his musical as well. 

Jung Sung-il and DARA

(Credit= Netflix Korea, ‘daraxxi’ Instagram)

(SBS Star) 


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